The cookies were a flop.

Where does the time go? You’ve heard the adage ” we all have the same hours in a day”,  I disagree. I swear my days are getting shorter all the time. Ive been waiting for things to slow down for a few years now and it just seems to get faster. This Christmas, like all the others, I had so many fun things planned for my family. This Monday it hit me that WE ONLY HAD TWO WEEKENDS LEFT. We had just a handful of gifts bought and this Saturday would be the only time we could finish it up. We go…. a lot, Im not sure where or why but we are gone most of the time it seems. We always have some sort of obligation so scheduling in the fun, cliche, family time crafts gets pushed to the wayside. I made up my mind, even though the boys are still recovering from one of the many illnesses this season has brought, and regardless of the fact that all the shopping had to be done, THIS WEEKEND WE WILL HAVE FAMILY DAY. The big meal, Christmas cookies, gingerbread house, Christmas movies, and a few other things…. its going down. With the help of the husband and family we got it all done. It was a tad hectic and extremely messy but isn’t that how Christmas always seems to be? Our cookies were a flop but other than that it was a successful weekend. I hope your holidays are a little slower than ours but filled with all the love that makes it worth it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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