The Combs Family Announcement and Reveal

Ive had a few sessions with the Combs family now and I love being around them. Payton is beautiful and she definitely gives me a run for my money. Renee set up a session a few months ago then called a couple of weeks before to tell me something. She ask if I could keep a secret and I said yes (I was getting excited…) she told me that her family session would need to be an announcement session and a reveal!! So many things ran through my mind, first of all I was so excited for them, secondly Id never done one, and thirdly how on earth could she keep it hidden long enough to do the REVEAL at the same time as the announcement. Then I remembered who I was talking to, shes built like a tiny brick house and would have no problem. The day I got home from the beach I checked the mail for the sex of the baby from her Dr. I was sitting in my car and yelled…. it was unexpected. Renee was full of suggestions and I got to put my ice cream parlor idea to good use. I wasn’t aware till that day that Payton still didn’t know, I think watching them tell her was my favorite part of the whole day. So with that being said…. congratulations Combs Family, I am so happy for you guys! IMG_7126 IMG_7131 IMG_7140 IMG_7142 IMG_7145 IMG_7147 IMG_7173 IMG_7174 IMG_7178 IMG_7188 IMG_7215 IMG_7217 IMG_7256 IMG_7308 IMG_7355 IMG_7396 IMG_7405 IMG_7439 IMG_7474 IMG_7483 IMG_7496 IMG_7523 IMG_7558

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