Huck Finns

I saw a similar raft a while back and Ive been dying to make one ever since. It finally happened and some of my favorites volunteered to be my Guinea pigs. Joni and I decided on a spot…. I didn’t even think about the weight of the raft until the day of  and we had to walk about a quarter of a mile to get to the water. Thankfully, I had talked Micah (my husband) into tagging along, otherwise I’m not sure if we would have made it. On top of that obstacle, the mosquitoes were unbelievable Joni actually left to get softener sheets…… if that statement doesn’t make any since then you’re missing out on a great remedy. Anyways, by time the session was over we all had dryer sheets stuck all over us. I am thankful for a patient friend and her sweet boys. I am thrilled with the raft and the pictures. This summer, I would like to do raft mini-sessions but we will see…… my mini-session follow through is pretty much non existent. Also, we have made major upgrades to the sail. IMG_2454a IMG_2482 IMG_2427 IMG_2376 IMG_2357 IMG_2339 IMG_2338

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