Colby and Alyssa Smith

Look how beautiful they are! The whole ceremony, couple, dress, food, …. everything…. beautiful! The weather could have been better, it kept us inside for the first half of the portraits but with that much beautiful it didn’t matter. I love that I got to witness these two begin such a wonderful journey. I think its amazing when you find your partner at a young age. I wish you two all the best!! IMG_1510 IMG_1522 IMG_1540 IMG_1557 IMG_1563 IMG_1579 IMG_1590 IMG_1609 IMG_1619 IMG_1628 untitled-7342a IMG_1684 IMG_1706 IMG_2221 IMG_1713a IMG_1721 IMG_1762 IMG_1825 IMG_1742 IMG_1800 IMG_1832 IMG_1839 IMG_1868 IMG_2101 IMG_2102 IMG_2107 IMG_2127 IMG_2148 IMG_2160 IMG_2202 IMG_2218 IMG_7553 IMG_7621 IMG_7627 IMG_7642 untitled-7380 untitled-7382 untitled-7392 untitled-7399 IMG_7739

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